Debden A5 Health Record Journal


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Debden A5 Health Record Journal

This A5 size (210mm x 148mm) book, is the ideal tool to keep track of your health records. The Health Journal is a lifetime companion to help you easily maintain valuable medical records and informatin for your future health and wellbeing. 

You can start the journal at any stage of your life. 

* List all medical and emergency numbers and contacts. 

* Keep a chronological record of doctor vistis, prescribed medications etc. 

* Keep a record of vaccinations and travel history. 

* Monitor relevant health parameters

* Monitor growth, height, veight, fitness levels etc. 

This journal helps those that find themselves asking questions like these: 

"Sam just stood on a rusty nail and I wonder whether he needs a tetanus shot?"

"Im heading overseas and don't recall what shots I have had and wonder which ones I need"

"My mother has been rushed to hospital and I have no idea what medications she is on"

"How do I make my future wishes (advanced directives) known in case of a medical emergency?"

"My kids are now in their teens and the only record I have of their vaccinations are in their baby book. How do I keep up -to-date records?"

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